por f(L)avor

lol sooo I´m jamming to american music rn and I´m ultra content.  The Lord blesses in small and simple ways haha

aight, Ima just start this email off by saying this:  ALMUERZO (lunch) IS A GIANT MIND GAME AND YA GUR (your girl) IS HERE TO PLAY.

so the members are incredible and I love them more than any of you could know, but they are sincerely trying with their incredibley sweet castellano hearts to make me fat.

Round 1:
Small talk.  Compliments.  Sitting around the mesa before lunch and having a good time.  We discuss our weeks and the happenings of the world.  Sometimes they share music that they know I´ll love or news of their people and whatnot.  The goal of this round is to make their prey (yours truly) comfortable and happy.  Happy people eat more, or so they think.

Round 2:
The actual meal.  Mmm my dudes some of these members have a skill that is not widely known in Tina.. that skill is the usage of spices and flavor lol.  It´s so awesome when they use spices!  Flavor is your friend.  But anyways, the goal of this one is to make the victim eat.  And eat.  And eat.  And keep eating lol and it´s rough, but I´ve strategized and I´ve found ways to combat this lol.  Ya gur has learned the invaluable talent of taking the smallest of bites and making them last a whiiiile.  I can make it through half my plate when everyone else has finished their seconds.  (wipes dust off shoulders) yeah, it´s a big deal.

despues (after) de the actual meal and we´re sharing scriptures, the people will sometimes bring out my one weakness...  FRUIT.  my dudes, I´m a freak about good fruit and the members have found my weakness.  But!  I usually just take home my piece of fruit and eat it later (:  The fridge is so amazingly full of fruit I´m so happy haha it´s the best.

also, I had a very adventurous meal this week and got to partake of the various organs of a chicken including intestines (blah not v (very) down wit those) and the HEART.  which was freakily chewy but still chicken flavored??  I didn´t hate it lol.

aaaand we had a baptism saturday which was lit cuz I´ve already got one under my belt and I haven´t even been here a month lol (wipes more dust that somehow got on my shoulder in the past 5 minutes off lol)

aaaaand that´s about it!

I LOVE YOU PEOPLE TO THE MOON and if you see my parents give them hugs for me cuz they´re amazing and they had an anniversary on the 5th and so they´re basically relationship goals. (heart eyes)

HH consumer of hearts and crusher of dreams lol

 1. mean muggin´two months selfie wit my caaash for the month lol

 2. cheesin in cute pringles
(translation - I want to do impossible things)

3. & 4. hood rat(chet) syd back at it

Denice notes:
One sweet family sends me pictures each week so I'm including a couple this time.


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