giving Pringles two // enthusiastic // thumbs up

Lol so quick story, I almost lost my right hand this morning washing the dishes.  Lol not really, but I dropped the grater (cuz I like to make my meals just a little on the //zesty// side) and almost grated off the tips of my fingers lol  which I guess is okay cuz then my whole hand would be stubby instead of just my thumbs which is cool lol

It´s the end of the month so eddy and I are kinda dying cuz we can´t get money out of our cards cuz the banks here don´t accept us so we´ve gotten pretty creative with our meals which is actually pretty fun lol  I´m so hyped for grocery shopping my life is a joke baha

ummm, due to the lack of spotify, my music taste is a liiiittle (lottle) different here.  In the mornings, eddy and I get crunk to some good good.  My favorite song thus far is "Concerto for Guitar and String Orchestra, R. 93 in D Major - Allegro quisto" By:  English Chamber Orchestra. Give it a spin lol

Also, product placement cuz I´m tryna get sponsered lol I would 12/10 recommend purchasing a Buff(TM) Windstopper neck gaitor cuz legit I haven´t taken mine off it´s the most sublime thing ever.  I don´t think the people of pringles think I have a neck (I´m honestly unsure at this point yikes)

K, biggest thing of the week.  My life is going downhill at this point lol.  After comp inventory, Hermana Edwards and I could NOT stop laughing and my spirit, heart, mind, and body gave out on me aaaaaaand...... I peed my pants.

Pringles is great, my dudes.



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 I am who you dream of

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