WWKD? (what would kermit do?)

​​aight, 2 PSAs to start off this lovely email to all you incredible people:
1) for the duration of this email if you see a (PT) it's an indication of something I viewed as a "power trip."
2) after this guy, I only have 70 big emails to send and then I'll be home!  That feels like a way short amount of time to me.
Also, I figured that out because of mere curiosity, don't start calling me trunky, you bunch of savages.

okay to start off this week...
WE HAD SUCH A GOOD LESSON WITH DIANA!!!  We spoke really well with her and it was super lit and she loved us and I was so excited she only called us nuns once!  Also, a quote from our boi Elder Pratt, "Always be a Tigger, don't let the Eyores get you down."  And that's kinda been my motto for this week I guess?  Lol, y'all know that I spit basically str8 salt todo al tiempo, pero this week I've been tryna be mega positive (which really means internalize the salt that I usually share) and it's been super great!  This is where I can tie in the subject, I guess.  You all should be aware of the Kermit meme where he sees something shady or something happens and he just sips his tea ( if you haven't ask your kid or something to hook you up).  I have lived that meme for this past week.  And I'm proud!  I haven't shared my shade or my salt!  For example, the same little Elder Pratt (lol he's so clueless about the things he says) was talking about how when we all get home it'll be our jobs to get jobs, "except the hemanas, they'll just get married."  and not a word came from my mouth as I brought my hydroflask to my lips and drained it to about halfway (it's a liter bottle).  Baha, WWKD has been a nice motto bc I'm super hydrated and my skin is looking gr8!

oh, um, and, we got our travel plans, that was pretty cool too.  Haha, the lowercase letters make it seem like I'm totally calm about this insane thing, but MY DUDES WE HAVE OUR TRAVEL PLANS!!!!  I am so beyond excited I've been bouncing off the walls since we got them yesterday!!!  My prison sentence has an end date!!  I am free from the MTC on August 14 and we fly to Georgia at 2 and then to Buenos Aires from Georgia!!  And basically the entire zone is going to be on the same flight!!!  I'm so crazy excited for this, the words you are reading through this email do not do my excitement any justice at all.  I HAVE 9 DAYS TIL FREEDOM!  You already know how pumped I am for a breath of fresh, clean, wonderful, non-happy valley air.

Next, we have a new set of things put onto our schedule that we will be doing at the start of class, all implemented by our great and precious district leader, Eternal General Secretary of the Party**, Elder Campbell decided that we should have a spiritual thought on top on top of the scriptures and purpose that we're already saying aloud before class (PT).  And we had our seats switched around so all the desks are lining the walls and we get to turn our chairs completely around to see the wall (PT) and we also almost didn't get to go to the temple at 7 am this morning because ~someone~ didn't want to follow the zone tradition because the mistaken schedule says otherwise (PT).  I apologize that you must read through this rant, so move on whenever you feel done, but yes.  This has bothered me all week and has been a helpful source of hydration.  Haha, it isn't even a big deal, but his type A qualities trigger my type A qualities which, in turn, help me to drink more water.

My people.  My MTC stay is almost over and I'm almost in another country that I've never been to speaking a language that I'll forever need more practice in (especially since english is hard for me sometimes) BUT I'M SO PUMPED.

also, I saw JamesTheMormon in the tour line while I was at recess and only 3 tears rolled down my cheeks, lowkey (highkey) love that man, moving on.

uhhh, so yes.  That's all I got!

I love you all and I can't wait to share more with you on my FINAL EMAIL FROM THE MTC!!!!


Tryna vogue at the temple

Floral Friday! (yes, the MTC has turned me into one of those girls lol jk)

one last thing...

I forgot about the ** I put on one of the titles for Elder Campbell..

It's funny because that's what the people of North Korea call Kim Jong-il

so now that you get it, you can totally laugh about it, not just in a pity way

Notes from Denice:

I spit basically str8 salt todo al tiempo, pero this week  -  that means I spit basically straight salt(sarcasm) all the time, but this week...


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