why is hyer crying??

cuz she just got dunked on!!! HOLY COW i just experienced my first TINA rainstorm and the streets are flooded and my shoes are flooded and my pants are soaked!!  This is super nuts.  And I love it!!

lol, don´t worry, not a tear has been shed since arriving in Tina, I just needed a catchy subject line.  Do it for the gram/subject line lol.

aight sooo... we had a zone conference!  and we had to stand in front of the whole zone and introduce ourselves in spanish lol so I got up to go and spread the sweet message of my nombre and heritage and whatnot and after I was done the ZL raised his hand and asked, "¿eres una hippie?"  lol it took me a second to process and then just kinda chuckled to mi mismo and smh (shake my head) and yeah.  EVen in missionary attire sin (without) dreadlocks the people  just know I guess.  but like, I´m not a hippie doe.

ummm... que mas..

OH!  I´m basically a native and the people love me because I have clear eyes and am tall (compared to them bahaha) and so they´re all very patient with my broken spanish and it´s awesome (insert lady with waiter hand emoji)

It´s so fun getting used to all the different cultural things here.  Like we were giving a lesson to an investigator and heard a knock at the door!  He jumped up and said something super rapido in spanish and answered the door. THE DUDE AT THE DOOR STR8 GAVE HIM AN ANIMAL CARCASSE???  and walked off and our investigator dropped the body in the fridge, rinsed his hands off, and sat back down like nada happened.  baha how freaky is that??  I mean like, that´s nice having your food dropped at the door bahaha but a whole body??  lol Tina keeps me on my toes for sure.

there´s this super tight amazing family that I love is super into boxing.  AND THEY´RE GONNA TEACH me how to box and I´m so pumped!!!  First, you´ll catch me embarking on early morning runs and drinking raw eggs despues (after), and then as I get more pro, Eddy (Sister Edwards, Syd's companion) and I are gonna hit up the local Carniceria (butcher shop) and get our Rocky on with the hanging cow bodies bahaha (Eew, definitely won´t but who knows.  Sydney Stallone, anybody?)

lol, I choked on an opportunity to do my Kermit Thang at a lunch but I left my water bottle in our appartment and you can´t drink the tap water here lol.  It was the most uncomfortable experience I have had here baha.  The hubby was mad about something and the Wifey was mad about something and you could straight up taste the tension in the air and I didn´t understand anything cuz they were speaking fast hahaha it was so awkward I loved it.

Random, one of my investigators looks like a latin Zoolander so it´s cool aaand, the greatest hits of Paul Simon have been running through my head all week so that´´s been a delightful taste of home.


Hita H

this perro followed us around for the entirety of our day this week haha

being basic w. eddy lol it was so cold that day

My comp with a bracelet of goat feet(??not sure??) in her hair and our pal Mailen.

also, still minimal time plz don´t hate me if I left you on read <3


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