*inTeRNal ScrEAmING*

okay, so, um, yes, well, um...


and that is all I needed to say in this email.

jk, jk, I have more than just that baha, the MTC isn't that insanely uneventful.

On my first MTC fast Sunday, I learned to be so much more grateful for normal fast Sundays.  We get up at the same time and have nonstop meetings and things to do until we eat dinner and holy cow.  I get kinda antsy and weird on normal fast Sundays??  But when they require you to use brain power for the entire day instead of napping away 3 hours of the day, fast Sundays become a little, as Clifford the Big Red Dog would say, "Ruff." (lol so sorry for that, I had to.) OH! also, on sundays we get to watch church movies (yay wow movies oh my) and we usually go as a district and bring snacks, it's cute, whatever.  BUT this past sunday they didn't let us choose our own movie and I was mega salty about that.  Instead we watched Characters of Christ (an incredible thing by ya boi Bednar) which was gr8 but I'd already seen it so my extra waxy, fasting self was unstoked.  BUT after Characters of Christ, BEDNAR PULLED THE BIGGEST CURVE I'VE EVER SEEN AND SHOWED UP AT THE MTC TO SPEAK WITH THE MISSIONARIES.  So I guess you could say that I'm basically best friends with an Apostle now because I was in the same auditorium as him and he answered the question of a girl I kinda know from USU even though we never spent time together lol.

um, nothing exciting for the next few days, saw some people I knew in the tour line and said hey like the ex-dreads-having-little-savage I am.  Uhh, I ate cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner one day cuz the caf food was not particularly appetizing lol.  And... Naluai and I successfully convinced the zone that my visa didn't get here and that I'm staying in Ogden for a transfer so I won't be flying with all of them >:) here's the story:

I got called down to the front desk for something so I had to leave in the middle of class with Naluai.  So, nervous thoughts are running through my head because the dude on the phone just said that it was urgent and that my comp and I had to go to the desk immediately.  We get there, they direct us to another room.  We arrived and this lady has us sit down and said, "so you got your travel plans, right?  No one has changed them?"  and I'm thinking that she's about to tell me that I've been transferred to Ohio, then the lady just asked Naluai to take some stuff to 'Tina with us cuz some silly Elders forgot their license and Debit card.  Now, I'm relieved and we grab the stuff and head back to class.  And then, cuz I'm that ex-dreads-having-little-savage, I turn to Nal and suggest that we prank the zone.  So we do.  And they all think I'm going to Ogden. (:< which I'm not.

The next day was the in field orientation thing, which was 9 hours of sitting around and doing missionary stuff.  It wasn't that exciting and it took over our recess time sooo I wasn't hype in the slightest.  I thought that nothing would be there to entertain me, PERO I was wrong!  Which was such a blessing.  In my class group there was an Elder who looked exactly like a young Alan Rickman.  So, he probably thought I was creeping on him all day, which tbh (to be honest)I was, because I would just kinda watch him and quote Galaxy Quest in my head and entertain myself pretending Alan Rickman was j chillin in the MTC.

ALSO, and this may just be the hottest goss in the MTC as of rn (right now)...  and I know I'm not supposed to gossip, but my dudes.  This was juicier than a freakin' 'tinan steak I may end up eating in the next 16 months.  There was a little play during the orientation.  And during this play...  A sister had her HEAD on some rando Elder's SHOULDER!!!!!!  They were like lowkey cuddling and we all basically lost our minds over it and I'm so dead is was so funny.

Um, no tengo mas informacion, pero...  The Spanish is going well!  I'm feeling confident after this ~nice~ pep talk from our very own Elder Johnson.  He said, "So basically we're just gonna end up taking a bunch of L's in Argentina before coming out with that ultimate W."  I'm stoked to learn more Spanish!  And I guess I'll be okay with taking a buncha L's!

LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT <3 see you on the flip side in ARGENTINA!  Not Ogden lol I'm too mean.



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