I don´t wanna be that guy... but... I´m definitely that guy lol


I love all of you and thank you so much for all the support!!!  I would be more lost than a white girl who only speaks English in a country full of people who only speak Spanish with out you!!!  Lol, good thing I know at least a little so I´m not that chick (;

k but rillo (really).

spanish is WAY different than castallano.  it´s supposed to be the same language. (I thought it was the same language lol) but don´t be fooled!!  The palabras are so different it´s so weird haha people will say things and it just doesn´t register cuz they all sound different!!  Cuz they have a "shuh" sound instead of a "yuh" sound. yikes.  (except here it sounds like shikes) lol

okay, before I get into that good good Tina info, let´s have a rq tbt. (real quick htrow back to)

Remember my good pal, David A. Bednar?  yeah, me too.  He´s a pretty cool guy.  Anyways, he heard that I was leaving for the mission in the next week!  So he thought he´d introduce me to another one of his good pals.  So, in the devo on Sunday, ya boi M. Russel Ballard came and spoke for us on Sunday!!!  So we´re basically best friends now, no biggy.

lol so everyone leaving the MTC was the weirdest experience evar, no joke like what the john.  It was like the most abrupt finish to anything ever??  no se, my dudes.  But funny story.  So there were 2 elders in our zone not going to our mission and they had different flight plans than everyone going to tina.  They left at like 4:30 am.  So, nal and I did what any self-respecting pals of missionaries leaving mega early would do!  We visited them to see them off at 4:30 am!  It was the perfect movie moment.  Everyone came out of there apartments and met under a specific lamp post (carefully chosen the night before) and saw them off.  Lol nal and I ran up to them to say bye, obvi in a movie it´d be in slow-mo with dramatic music playing and right as we got to each other with arms extended ***SKRRTTT**** (record scratch) we shook hands.  And that experence basically explains the MTC goodbye experience lol what a let down.

um, the flights here were pretty standard airplane experiences.  You kinda just sit for a long time and don´t sleep much.  PERO (but), on the overnight flight to buenos aires I made a friend!!  He  had just gotten back from a pretty intense game of field hockey (which, oddly enough is actually popular here??) and actually won the game!  Which was against the national US team!!  So, I´m also best friends with a member of the Tinan field hockey team, so catch me in the 2018 olympics with my pal.  I´ll probably be the water gurl or something, nbd(no big deal).

I LOVE THE TOWN I´M IN!  It´s so cool!  Very quaint.  Catch me roaming the streets on google earth lol HMU @ 775 Street Flesia 43 Coronel Pringles, Buenos Aires, Argentina 8000.  It´s actually super cute and pretty fun!  And pretty safe (don´t worry mom <3) I´ve only had to throw rocks at dogs once!

The food is suprisingly bland.  We´d joke at home when the meals had a theme of a certain color!  The theme for every meal (mostly) here is white.  And not v (very) flavorful haha so I don´t rly (really) have to worry about eating something I hate cuz it´s all the same!  Semi squishy but overall dece (decent)! 

It´s surprisingly freezing here lol I sleep every night in my socks, ski tights, sweats, long sleeve, hoodie, buff, and with about 4 heavy blankets on top haha layers are the key to success in freaking tina I suppose.

I´m slowly getting better at the lang, and slowly catching more.  It seriously seems like some people here can recite an entire novel in castellano without taking a breath lol and when I ask them to say it again slowly, they say it again about 5 decibels louder lol send help.

My comp is lit and it´s a blast roaming the streets of Pringles with her.  Her name is Hermana Edwards and she´s been here over a year now wow.

so, subject...  I´m that annoying missionary that never has enough time to email back so plz don´t hate me this was the one bandwagon I didn´t wanna hop on pls send me stuff but remember that I will do my best to email you back I love you sm (so much) <3

also, everyone here calls me hermanita lol it´s cute

Hermanita Sherr (how they say my name)

 my best friend (ft. ghost syd)

 beautiful view! (plus what you can see from my apartment LOL)

bundled wit my mission mom

All italicized words are Denice's Sydney translations


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