There's No Place Like Home

My dudes! Una semana has passed. lol, my español es gradualmente getting better.  Poco a poco!  We are talking with native speakers now and it's semi crazy cuz they speak so differently than our gringo maestros.  This chick, Diana, is someone we're practicing with now and she's from El Salvador.  Her spanish is so fast and tough!  But with every lesson we get better at understanding what she says and (hopefully) speaking better than before.  She laughed at me during the last lesson cuz Nahl was talking and I was so confused and just kept raising my eyebrow higher and higher lol.  It's been a journey, but I'm way glad to be figuring it out.  I am starting to feel for the people learning english cuz I forget how quickly I speak until I think about trying to understand spanish when they speak that quickly.  I got a little bummed after a lamé lesson cuz I couldn't explain what I wanted to say, but then I remembered that I'm the whitest of the white and don't actually speak spanish lol  BUT Ya gurl finna be fluent in Argentina let's GOOO.

Next, I absofrootly LOVE my district.  We are such a crazy bunch of yomies that bool about in class and speak spanish and just play all the time!  The other districts are kewl 2 but mine is the best evar.  We play sand volleyball all the time and it's such a blast!  It gets semi intense cuz one of the elders played in high school and he gets HYPE.  Ya boi is str9 slamming spikes left and right!  It's insane but it's so fun!!  I received one, no biggy, y'all will catch me playing at the next olympics, nbd, I'm bouta be famous. jk lol.  We seriously go hard doe.  Like one day we played volleyball at 2 pm cuz that's our gym time and we had to keep our socks on cuz the court was so flamez.

I kinda feel like being trapped in the "klink" (as ze boi Raff calls it) has turned all of us into these intense prisoners who LIVE for recess.  To normal humans, recess is a wumbo time of frolicking about, playing friendly games of kick the can or tag or whatever, running through a field of wildflowers with a slight breeze.  no.  My dudes. // we. // go. // hard. //  Recess is the time to assert your dominance and rule the courts.  There is no such thing as a playful game of four square cuz we ain't here to play.  All those poor dudes whose comps are the DL's do not mess around lol This is where they thrive.  It's semi primal, but somehow I've been suddenly blessed with the ability to hang, so I have yet to be trampled by everyone's power trip during recess.  Someday ya gur' will rool the court.

Sitting through class is getting easier!  Because we go so ham during recess, it's easier to not have an insane amount of energy at the end of class.  The evening session is RUFF my dudes.  I get so stupid slap happy that it's bad.  Last week I was in TEARS because I was laughing so hard at Elder Lyons' poor growling stomach.  It was so loud and so hilarious.

K, the subject.

I miss home, but not in the way I expected coming in here.  I thought I would go crazy missing the people and wearing pants and baggy t shirts and basically just being all around ratchet, but the missing of home has come in the form of something a little odd.  Everything here is just so... how does one say it..... ~off brand~.  Don't get me wrong!  I love me some good off brand goodies.  (The cheesy whale things from the Dollar Store are so surprisingly awesome.)  But like everything is 17° tilted the wrong way.  Like instead of POG, it's OPG.  Instead of Capn Crunch, it's the Frooty Crunch Blast things or whatever you call them.  It's not so bad that it's disturbing?  It's just unsettling.  It's like when a chair has one leg that a little shorter than the others and you wobble around, jafeel?  I've never been stellar with balance, but I'm getting better haha I'll get there.

~the juan, the only..

and I figured out the pics thing!
me being waxy about chopping off my BBz

my chopped off BBz

after a ruff day lol

on the roof!





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