So, uuuhhh, this week was str8 flaymz (straight flames)


I made it through yet another week!!  Are you proud of me??  We have like 16 days left in the MTC (or something like that I haven't actually been counting.) and it's semi freaking me out!

My favorite people ever left on Monday to go out into the field and I'm super bummed, but still super stoked on it.  Lol, Naluai and I made a pact with Hudson and Jenkins (two of the now gonezo's) to go on a climbing trip or drive around Sud America (South America) upon all of our arrivals back in the states, so if anyone has a crappy van they want to bring with them on the trip, you're welcome to come! (; jk sorta lol if you're d (down)to come lmk (let me know) and we can figure out the details in 2 years.

This week has been packed so I wrote down the happenings in a bunch of short thoughts.

1st, I've been participating in choir because all my Elder yomies out serving rn (right now) have "sung" praises (lol that pun is just too much).  And my thoughts are these:  choir is an experience that I am having!  Not 100% on the whether it's good or bad, but it's happening!  AND the director looks like Cronk from the Emporer's New Groove.  Legit.

Um, next on Tuesday we had a devotional where the AC probably should have been turned on higher cuz OH MY the speaker was ROASTING us the whole time.  Lol, it was crazy to see a frail old man rake us all over the coals like that.  DIRECT QUOTE "Sometimes I think missionaries are professional wasters of time." um, zinger??  But he was also pretty savagely funny cuz his wife helped him remember something so he went and gave her a kiss and when he got back to the mike he said, "Two years, Elders."  I laughed so hard it was awesome.

To break up the monotony, we've started participating in "Wildin' Wednesday" where the Elders wear their worst ties and Nahl and I wear my loudest socks.  We got many appreciative comments on the hedgehog and cactus socks (thanks mom) and we were psyched about it!  Until yesterday when our teacher said that we shouldn't be wearing socks that can be seen.  Another rule I will struggle to obey, thx MTC.  I'm waxy but I'll get over it, esta bien.

More evidence of my district slowly losing our minds...  A common young adult phrase to say is "skrt skrt."  Generally the two "skrts" are said in quick succession to add emphasis to a sentence, fill in silence, or comment on awkward situations.  We recently learned that the word "skirt" in spanish is "falda."  So now we'll toss in a quick "falda falda" into our everyday language usage lol and I cannot help but cry laughing when Elder Brown says it.  The Elders in my district are so hilarious, they are vital in making it through the long class hours I love them to pieces.

Also, shout out to LeeAnn because I've run into about 60 students from Davis who sing her praises when they find out that I'm her niece.  My fame has increased due to that one relation, soon everyone in the MTC will know my name and love me and then I can make the rules and then everyday will be Wildin Wednesday!!  >:)

I LOVE YOU ALL and lol we celebrate birthdays on the number of the day that we're born and my bday is on tuesday if jawanna (you want to) Dear Elder me some good good TLC <3

 singing around the tree (but we don't link arms anymore lol thanks to nahl and I starting that tradish)

 ​ze sud american explorer squad!
​This is hermana Wheatley (she's adorable and we all call her mom)
​lol this is the one and only Elder Brown (in my district it's crazy how popular the last name Brown is)


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