PSA: for this email // stands for the clapping emoji.

Hola!!  (Saturday is my P-day)

Guys.  I'm here.  In the center of Happy Valley.  Surrounded by Happy Valley freaks. (jk the people are cool)  It's crazy-pants.  Sometimes I feel more lost than a froot loop in a bag of cheetos.  It's tough but it's good!  (Look up that vine of the fake Caitlyn Jenner, it sounds whack but it's actually one of my faves.)

My dudes, we sit and study.  ALL DAY.  We go to class at 8:30 and stick it there til lunch and then do different types of studying.  Good thing, I know a lot more Spanish than I thought!  It's been nice to at least kind of understand my teacher because he/she will speak only in Spanish the entire time we're in class, except for when we ask about what somethings means, which happens often lol.  My comp, Hermana Naluai, and I taught our first (fake) investigator yesterday and the lesson was about 5 minutes long haha, but we teach her again today and hopefully it will go better than it did yesterday.  We've definitely prepared a lot more material.

Naluai is so cool!  We're basically the same person and people keep saying we look like sisters.  Funny story!  When Peter (Syd's name for Gretchen) and I and the Brimleys and the others went to the temple on thursdays my senior year we saw Naluai all the time!  We just never talked haha.  It's fun to have a familiar face be my comp.

My district is fun, we're the only pair of sisters with 5 sets of elders.  They're all pretty loud and funny, they're getting used to talking to girls haha the first day was rough cuz they were in super missionary mode and would slightly ignore us haha.

AIGHT.  now that you've read about the bueno, here's the tea on my SAVAGE first day.

some info pre-story. I love food.  Food makes me happy.  Sydney without her food is an unhappy camper, missionary, person, extraterrestrial being, etc.

My mom and I drove to the MTC and were utterly aghast at the truly gnarly amount of vehicles waiting to enter the MTC.  Like, wHAt?!  who knew that Utah had so many mormons what the john.  After we made our way through the line and said goodbye, I went in and was directed various places until I dropped my stuff off and went straight to the spanish only class and then had .3829356 seconds to write an email to my fam, instructed only in spanish smh (shake my head), and then when back to class and then straight to a meeting that was a loooowwwng time.

And then we had DINNER @ 4:15.

(I put that by itself so y'all would understand the importance of this statement.)

Dinner at 4:15?!?!?!
**(Say it louder for the people in the back!)**

DINNER AT 4:15??

// ya // girl // necesita // la // comida //

like, come on people.  this was not a drill, this was not a practical joke, we ate at 4:15 and then had class until 9. )':  

lol, but other than that first scary happening, life is good.  They feed us at acceptable hours now.  We are no longing staging a coup and taking over the cafeteria.

<3 LOVE!! <3

the kewlest mish in el MTC

ps, we visit the temple from 12:30 til whenever on Saturdays so if you happen to be carrying TBell that direction during that time and we happen to bump into each other and you happen to give me a bit of ya taco bell, who am I to turn down such a kind and caring act of service from a fellow child of God?  Lol. (;

PSA from Denice - Sydney's actual temple walk day is on Sunday so please don't try to bump into her on a Saturday // Also all italicized words are my translation of Sydney slang.

Obviously not a mtc picture but one from the day before checking in to the mtc. Good times. 


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