alrighty people.  we're just gonna start off by saying this week had a ROUGH start.

sunday was probably the worst day in the history of days since the MTC was constructed by probably the most creative people in the world cuz who knew that all these obscure rules were actually able to be written??  (I'm being totally dramatic but stay with me my dudes.)

I woke up sick.  Uh-oh.
But that's not all.  Do not worry, there is more to come.

Sunday was a disorganized mess and no one knew where church was and it was mega hot outside and I don't speak a ton of spanish and sacrament meeting was in spanish and we were lost and then we went outside to sing songs around a tree in the 100 degree heat with our arms LINKED(?!? guys it was so gross and uncomfortable to be sharing elbow sweat with people I barley know just saying) and then we went to a MATCH THE MESSAGE meeting that started off with the words "We're not here to judge people" and proceeded to spend an entire hour talking about judging people on appearance and then after like 12 more meetings THEY MADE ME CUT MY DREADS.

I'm not proud to admit this, I cried in the shower for like 5 minutes before holding a full length funeral for Gerald and Gerome and George (who now reside in a plastic bag with a tombstone drawn on it on my desk) and then killed the things I have held dear for a year and a half now.

Sunday was tramatic, but the church is still true, moving on.

Monday was dece!  We had classes for a long time and then in between classes, one of the leaders of the branch brought his wife up to interview us and get to know us one on one.  Keep in mind, I'm mega ill at this point.  Migraines, nausea, coughing, sore throat, fever, the works.  A buncha people go, it's my turn, I head out there and she asks me how I am.  I tell her I'm mega sick.  She's like k, how else are you feeling?  I'm like, a little unmotivated cuz I'm mega ill.  She's like, "Oh no! Are you okay? Do you like to be alone?  Are you struggling with your companion?  Do you need help?"  I'm tryna fit a word in but she's on a roll now saying things like, "Just remember you're loved and here for a reason and tell yourself positive things to keep yourself going!"

Moral of the story:  The branch presidency thinks I'm depressed.

Everything else is mega fun doe!  I love my district sm (so much).  They're so fun!  We have a blast all the time and laugh and just keep each other going.  And help each other relieve stress when it gets crazy.  Lol, classes are really crazy and long, and when I've been doing something for a while I just check out and get weird (ask my family they know)  and yesterday I hit the wall.

We were getting a lesson and Elder Lyons' stomach was growling SO loudly I could not keep it together!  I was in tears from needing to laugh so badly but supressing it cuz we were in class and then laughing more cuz his stomach kept growling, it was bad hahah, I'm almost laughing about it right now writing about it.

Aight, time for the subject line.  Now that the suspense has marinated long enough.  All the copious amounts of stress and learning has expressed itself in the form of something none of us enjoy.  A truly marvelous edifice with the sole purpose of attracting attention has been constructed above my left eyebrow in the form of a zit and I'm not down and it's bad the end.

My photos won't upload??  The computers here are weird, but here are some pics people sent me from earlier this week.

My comp and I felt like ghost busters with out vacuum backpacks doing service on tuesday.
the last photo is of my roomies, they're adorable, love em sm.

Love you!

PS, if you have extra time, send me a little something on dear elder so I can take it with me to argentina!  It's the best ever to get a letter to read in my down time I love it so much.

I'm district 25C and mailbox 84 and I leave the MTC August 14 and I think that's all the info you need???  ​


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