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far owt, man

hola yomies!!
tanto tiempo (:
soooo this week was full of some pretty normal misionary stuff with some little adventures sauced about as usual.. the thingie that was the wierdest/most recycling (remember a couple emails ago? (; we´re getting some email inside jokes happening here people.  history is being made.) thing that happened this week waaaaas when we were hiking about in the campo.  I like to explore the area so we normally have like an hour or two of contacting scheduled into the days sooo we were boolin about the campo and stumbled upon a pretty decent leather wallet in the grass!  So, being the lil pack-ratchets we are, fina and i snagged that bad boi and now fina actually has a wallet to use instead of taped together pass along cards.  lol, i´m 206% sure that this wallet was pre-stolen cuz it had nada a dentro and was tossed about, rejected in a field.  lol, we were stoked to give it a new home.
finders keepers? or did we steal it? or did we just take in a rejected object …

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