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okay my dudes, sorry for the late mail.  lol its a feria (holiday) today?  Not 100% on what that means, buuuut it means that literally everything is closed all day due to a holiday yesterday that my neighbor definitely enjoyed baha she was up dancing and singing to super loud music hasta (until) 1am.  I´m starting to memorize the same 5 songs she plays and it´s awesome haha i´m stoked about it

sooo, this week we went to Bahia and Punta Alta cuz mom´s job is a traveling job lol super exciting.  And we rode to bahia with some members and their pequeña (little one) looked at my hands and asked, "what happened to make your thumbs so small?"  feeling great that my weird thumbs are weird no matter what hemisphere i´m in (´: *two stubby thumbs up*
also, in the drive we discovered that there are FLAMIGOES j (just) chilling in argentina.  is this country magical?  I sure think so.
okie kids, ready for a lesson in the culture of argentina?  Super cute, everyone greets everyone here in…

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