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going, going,

..aaand i stayed lol. the biggest curve of the mission, i´d say.

No joke my people, i had my bags half packed and was ready to blast off buuuut i got some savage noticias (news). la primera (the first): i´m staying. la segunda (the second):  I WAS PREGNANT AND DIDN´T EVEN KNOW IT.
sooo I traveled my little self over to Bahía to buscar (find) my lil child and she´s awesome!  Se llama (Her name is) hermana López and she´s super cool! from Rosario, just a short 8 hours away in colectivo. it´s super fun having a latina again (: the members have been making fun of my crappy spanish for the past week so it´s about get sooo much better lol
Lil adventures from the week!
1. an investigator came to church (milagro) (miracle) and before he left he was sure to give me a note full of ways that we can all get better with the talks and whatnot lol 2. I ALMOST PIERCED MY EAR AGAIN IN MY SLEEP.  that was a freaky way to wake up.  My earring wouldn´t go in and i couldn´t figure out why it hurt so badly …

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