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slidin' innn

Hola yomieezzz como andan!! (how's it going)  Fua esta semana pasó volando la verdad. (this week flew by, the truth)

Some of the coolest things that happened this week were..
numero uno! We went to pehuajo and it was actually super rad haha we had a district meeting and then interviews with prez and then a charla fogonera (fireside) and OUR BOI CAME!! he traveled to pehuajo (like an hour diez en cole) and it was the coolest thing ever.  It´s always super funny to me cuz all the tinans think we´re bouta chow on an asado (roast) in the firesides... but there´s actually no fire. bahaha it kills me every time.
a new development in my life here in trenque is that the people have now realised that we have a phone and have started texting us lol I love receiving all their lil jergas (jargon) and whatnot.  I struggled to understand the meaning of text talk in ingles and now they´re all slamming us with xq and whatever else. But i´m learning :) There are always savage emojis when the peopl…

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