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whats love got to do with it

hola my dudes lol so the people of pringles have taken my heart and it{s awesome (also i{m writing in a bus terminal and the apostrophy button ceased to work so i{ll i{ve got to work with is the mustache part of the smiley face leggo.)

k so in the mtc they gave us filtered water bottles cuz we don{t want to die from the water yay and i{ve been using mine cuz as i have been picking up the lang i need to get my kermit on lol jk jk i just really like to be hydrated like all the other healthy humans.  SO my bottle is a must on the accessory list entonces (because) i{m always using mine.  BUT I LOST IT. and i was sad because i love water and couldn{t partake (tries to cry but can{t cuz doesnt have enough water in body to cry lol jk)
soooo i was walking wit my compy to a sita (appointment) and some dude legit with his window down in his truck says CHICAS and pulls over and hops out. I recognize this dude from when eddy and i bought snax for after the baptism and a little nervous cuz hes spe…

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