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uhhh, so i'm pretty sure i'm adopted

yamz and yomieessss!!!! so, biggest news is that i´m in a nuevo lugar y me encanta (new place and I love it).  I´m j (just) chillin in Tranque Lauquen with my compi de (companion from) guatemala se llama (her name is) Hermana Cuyuch aaaaand i love it here already like 12 times more than pringles baha.  google Villegas 423 if jawanna (you want to) snatch a peek at my apartment building.  it´s nearby lol idk my address. we have the 6th floor hook up and i looove our view.  every night i get to watch the sunset while studying the lang and it´s super bella (pretty).
aight, tranqui reminds me a loooot of that scene from Shrek 2 (10 ten film in history) where shrek and donkey are actually hot man and stallion walking down the boulevarde (lol can´t spell it´s cool)  and the Changes song is playing?  That´s been stuck in my head all week, sooo here are some changes that I´ve experienced.

1!  I actually dig bananas ahora (now).  Antes (before), you wouldn´t catch me touching bananas with a 39…

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