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it's not ratchet, it's resourceful.

i´ve learned a number of life lessons in my time here in freakin tina. 1) everyone here should be swimmers cuz the lungs in these people have no end. 2) the people of argentina have hacked the genetic code so that they can be 5 foot nada and 80 kilos but still have legs chicken thin. 3) don´t buy anything you can´t ratchet your way out of.
it´s awesome.  por ejemplo,
it seems that all the houses in tina like to have a window conveiniently placed by the shower so you can enjoy the views a fuera (outside). and vice versa.  soooo we´ve taken it upon ourselves to do as the tinans do: get ratchet.  we cut up a skirt (from the endless piles of hoarders past. aka: missionaries that used to live in our home) and hot glued it to the window lol
we buy powdered milk cuz it´s cheaper and you can also make your own "skim milk" (which is just water milk lol.) whiiich makes the powder last a lot longer lol
i made an organizer thing for our utensils cuz the compulsion has gott…

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