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hey howdy hey!! How are you all doing!!!!

Wow, every week i say this but it never ceases to be true.... THIS WEEK FLEW BY SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO HIT THE BREAKS?!?!?  but on the rillo.  i don´t understand how time functions anymore.

but anyways.  that´s how it goes i suppose.
yooo sooo this week was ultra rad.  i think one of the funnest thing that happened was that we got to go work/hang out with some joven members all of thursday afternoon!  It was so sososo rad to be able to walk around and have them meet all of the people that we´re teaching and have em share their testimonies and stuff.  IT WAS SO FUN.  my dudes.  i think the biggest regret that i have from before the mishy is not going out to go help the missionaries and just hanging out and doing mission stuff with em!  I always thought that they were super stale people who walked around doing weird things.... but they´re not lol missionaries are normal and so are the people they teach!  (how lame that it took me 8 years on the …

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