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My dudes! Una semana has passed. lol, my español es gradualmente getting better.  Poco a poco!  We are talking with native speakers now and it's semi crazy cuz they speak so differently than our gringo maestros.  This chick, Diana, is someone we're practicing with now and she's from El Salvador.  Her spanish is so fast and tough!  But with every lesson we get better at understanding what she says and (hopefully) speaking better than before.  She laughed at me during the last lesson cuz Nahl was talking and I was so confused and just kept raising my eyebrow higher and higher lol.  It's been a journey, but I'm way glad to be figuring it out.  I am starting to feel for the people learning english cuz I forget how quickly I speak until I think about trying to understand spanish when they speak that quickly.  I got a little bummed after a lamé lesson cuz I couldn't explain what I wanted to say, but then I remembered that I'm the whitest of the white and don'…

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