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the griswolds

"If you wanna stay!" I will never miss you, I´ll walk away. ( i love this song smmmm you can check it out if jawanna)

......maybe in 6 more weeks.......
Lol whats up my duuuuudes!!! We got transfers aaaaand i get to hang out here for another 6 and enjoy my long, long, long stay in Trenque.  aaaaand... I didn´t cry when they told me that soooo next week you´ll get more info on how I´m coping.
I don´t hate it here but I was super ready for a change.  Maybe next time :`)
Updates of the week!
1 I´m rocking an ingrown toenail in one of my lil guys sooo we´ll see how i take care of that lol 2. I ate a piece of cow heart yesterday 3. I gave a talk of EXACTLY 15 minutes like a champ and didn´t choke without notes 4. I´m an animal and as of today, it´s been 3 days since I last washed my hair. (; yummy.
1. my comp finds my love of guac *so* endearing
3. what the people have come to think of me here baha
4. moody viewzz

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