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Lost in Translation

Hola yomiezz!!
A little later than usual peroooo (but), está bien (it's good).  lol i realise the title sounds a little dramatic, but it 100% isnt don´t stress (;
so, something that i still havent got the hang of is the fact that the humor is completely different here.  I´ve laughed at myself a loooot this week cuz i just get into werid situations cuz i try to make a funny like i would in the states, buuuuut the poeople here just don´t get it lol.  at least i have a yanky comp to help me out a bit. we´re the best peanut gallery there could ever be (:
The next funny story/ very uncomfortable realization iiissss: "macho." as commonly known in the states, macho means buff, swol, yolked, etc.  so! when some guy told me here that his name (nickname) is macho, i walk like, "alright!" and have been enthusiatically calling this man "macho" for months now.  I´ll see him while we´re out and about in the streets and he´ll be in his car and i´ll yell, "eeyy…

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